Tom Boehmer
The Music

The CDs, Let It Be Joy, Work To Do Here and Things That Matter, are available for sale or other honorable purposes. The tunes are included below for your review. You may have to restart the first tune you listen to. I am not a techie, but I think it has something to do with buffering or something. You should be OK after that.

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As a result, we will send you your own copy of the CD (or CDs) as soon as we can.

Feel free to listen to the tunes below . . . or:

You can also find the CDs on other sites: Amazon, iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody to name a few, where you can download mp3 versions if you'd like. Search for Tom Boehmer or Let It Be Joy , Work To Do Here or
Things That Matter on any of the sites.

Very happy to have had Matthew Banks join me for three tunes on
Things That Matter.

For a real treat, check out . . . very awesome! Milo plays fiddle, mandolin and pedal steel (and other instruments) on these CDs. I am honored!

Songs from Things That Matter :

World Without You

Things That Matter

So Merciful
He Searched for Me
Thomas & Jesus
Every Day
Glory Road
Amen, Let It Be
Watching Over Me
Rise So High

Songs from Let It Be Joy . . . in no particular order:



Let It Be Joy                       

Lord's Prayer                   

When You Look At Me   

Peter's Song                     

All of My Heart               


Chains of Sin                    

Feel Your Spirit                

Make You Known

From the CD Work To Do Here
. . . also in no particular order:

Be My Will                  

Listen To The Silence     

Praise Him                  

I and Mine                             

This Too Shall Pass Away    

Work To Do Here                 


No Eye Has Seen                  

Too Comfortable                   

If Today It Rains                   

This Is The Reason               

Who Has Known                  
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